Frequently Asked Questions:

(1) How Do I Join ISP online?

By Clicking On Create Account

(2) Can I Have More Than One Account?

No, you are not allowed to. You are only allowed to own just one account

(3) How many types of accounts does ISP online have?

We do not have different types of account, we only have three different categories of account, namely: Student Account, Guardian / Parent Account, and Instructor Account.

(4) AS a guardian, am i allowed to Upgrade or Downgrade my account?

No, you are not allowed to. The feature for that, is not even available for guardian accounts

(5) Is there a limit to the number of followers i can have?

No, you are allowed to have as many followers as you can

(6) As a student, can i also have followers?

Yes, as long as people want to follow you.

(7) How many times am i allowed to share a single post?

Just once are you allowed to share a single post

(8) Does ISP have any special settings?

No, everything on ISP has been preset for you already

(9) As a student on ISP, what features are made available to me?

Being that you're here to learn on ISP, you are allowed to follow istructors who teach what you love, you get you engaged, and add value to you academically, also you're provided with a calculator, to enable you carry out calculations, from basic calculations, to complex calculations.